Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Changes to Policing in Solihull

Neighbourhood Policing in Meriden Constituency from June 2011

From the 1st June 2011, Solihull Police is undergoing a re-structure designed to enhance the service that our communities receive. The re-structure is being conducted against a background of having to make cost-savings but the aim of Solihull Police is to improve public confidence in us by serving local communities and protecting them from harm. Success means fewer victims of crime and a professional service appropriate to the needs of the individual, which resolves matters to the satisfaction of the caller/victim/member of the public and where their experience is a helpful and positive one.
Neighbourhood policing will be divided into two elements;

1.      Dedicated neighbourhood teams and
2.      Community Action Teams.

Dedicated teams are ward based as they are at present, whilst the Community Action Team will be based at Chelmsley Wood Police Station but will operate on a Borough wide basis. The dedicated teams remain located at their current police stations i.e. Chelmsley Wood; Balsall Common office; NEC and Shirley.

Some ward teams have been merged to provide better support and coverage.

What will they do? Dedicated Neighbourhood Teams

Neighbourhood teams will be dedicated to community engagement in a way that suits the community – this may be meetings, surgeries or being at a place where people are e.g. schools. ASDA etc.

From those conversations; the teams will meet with partners and agree priorities for the forthcoming month and adopt a recognised problem solving approach. We will also undertake the management of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and receive and resolve referrals to the neighbourhood from colleagues.

Community Action Team

A new neighbourhood team to provide support the dedicated to neighbourhood teams to address the priorities highlighted by our communities. They will also provide staff to cover force abstractions – such as Football matches or marches. This will mean that the dedicated teams no longer lose staff to police other areas in the West Midlands.

What else is happening?

24/7 policing will continue to respond to calls for service from the public; the main difference will be that where the call does not require an immediate attendance, we will make an appointment to see you at a time that suits your needs. We will be introducing smart technology to help us track officers locations; meaning we can make better use of our resources.

The Force traffic department will continue to be based at Chelmsley Wood police station meaning we have greater access to their services.

If you have any questions please contact your local police neighbourhood team on 0345 113 5000 or you can follow me on Twitter at @InspWestMidsPol

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