Thursday, 11 August 2011

Disorder in Birmingham and Solihull Part 2

I thought it would be helpful to update people where we are at in Solihull. As I write now 10.30am on Thursday 11th August 2011, we have not had any disorder or crimes related to the issues happening in Birmingham and other parts of the country for over 48 hours. In fact the minor disorder we experienced was nothing like other areas have seen and was quickly dealt with by our local police officers. That said there has been plenty of rumour and speculation circulating through all kinds of media; usually third or fourth hand that something is likely to or has actually happened. None has proven to be true.

This does not mean we are complacent, I am meeting with colleagues and partners on a daily basis to reflect on what has happened in the last 24 hours and whether our plans are right for the next 24. My focus over the last few days has been around reassurance for people who live and work in the Meriden Constituency area in Solihull.

I have placed my staff in areas that see the most pedestrian traffic - shopping locations such as Chelmsley Wood town centre, Chester Road, Marston Green, Kingshurst and Smiths Wood and we are also paying particular attention to transport hubs.

This is not because we believe there is any danger but that these are the places we can interact with significant numbers of people. I also authorised some additional police powers for my staff, enabling them to search anyone they believed was likely to be involved in disorder or criminality. Everyone stopped under those powers will receive a visit from the Police so they understand the behaviour we expect in Solihull.

I have asked my staff today to go about their normal business this morning but later this afternoon we will be holding a number of street briefings so that we can take questions from you and pass out the latest information we have.

Solihull Borough remains a safe place to visit, work or live in, the problems experienced elsewhere have not appeared here and the actions we have taken through highly visible and robust policing has sent a message to any potential trouble makers - 'You're not welcome here!'

Finally as an appeal, can I ask that you go about your normal business as you ordinarily would. Please do not listen to gossip or rumour especially on social media such as twitter or Facebook - for the facts visit our website Solihull Police or follow reliable sources on twitter such as me at InspWestMidsPol or colleagues on DIWestMidsPol or SolihullCouncil.

If you have any information on the recent disorders, you should call West Midlands Police on 0800 096 0095, or 0207 158 0125 and quote Operation View. In an emergency always call 999.

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  1. Once again thankyou to yourself and every officer in Solihull, your safe and sensible approach has been most welcome