Thursday, 19 May 2011

Big Society?

A lot is said about Big Society and how there is a real need to get people involved in their communities....

I can tell you from my experience there already are a lot of people involved and doing a very good job!! I had the privilege of meeting John from Dorridge earlier this week; he had written to my Chief Superintendent to ask if he could push an idea he's had for a few years - joining up Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and Environmental Champions. John is both and has made a great success of involving his neighbours in the NHW scheme and cleaning up a local pond through the use of volunteers. It is no exaggeration to say that he is rightly proud of the difference he has made to his local community.

Then there are the Balsall Common Volunteers who originally started off as a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme but around three years ago took over the running of the Police Shop in Balsall Common. Without their help there wouldn't be a Police Shop that residents and visitors to Balsall Common could use to report issues that require police attention. The shop is open and staffed by local people who freely give up their time to make a difference.

Today I attended the North Solihull Community and Volunteer Association and sat and spoke with around 20 people from different volunteer organisations in the North of Solihull. Each was there because they wanted to give something back to their community.

Volunteering is very much alive in Solihull and will be celebrated on the 7th June as part of National Volunteer Week.

It makes me proud and realise what a privilege it is to work with and for the good people of Solihull.

If you want further information on Volunteer week please get in touch.

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