Monday, 6 June 2011

Meriden Sector Community Identified Priorities - What are They?

As we have now moved into our new way of working at Solihull, the dedicated neighbourhood teams are really focusing on what our communities are saying is important.

If it is an issue that the team can deal with themselves, they will resolve it as quickly as they can and feedback to the community that raised the issue.

Where it is something that takes a little longer and requires help from our partners and even the community themselves then we will raise it as a priority and take it to a multi-agency local meeting which meets once a month. At the meeting a plan can be put together involving all the agencies including how long we think it will take to resolve. If it helps, a concerned member of the community can attend the start of the meeting to explain how the priority is impacting on them and their community. It is vital that we maintain contact with the affected community and let them know how we are progressing; we will also keep our websites updated with progress.

So how can you help? Please just tell us about the issues that are bothering you - it is vital that we understand what they are and how they are impacting on you.

Visit our website and check out when our next meeting is in your area or contact your local neighbourhood team.

Our current priorities identified by you are;

  • Blythe - Anti-social behaviour and damage in Shelley Farm
  • Smithswood - Anti-social behaviour in Burtons Park Road
  • Marston Green - Anti-social behavior and theft in Willow Way
  • Kingshurst & Fordbridge - Anti-social behaviour and drugs in Bosworth Drive
  • Chelmsley Wood - Anti-social behaviour in Raglan Way
  • Bickenhill & Meriden - Anti-social behaviour in Alspath Road.

Contact the team if you think there is an issue we are missing.

Finally if you have any thoughts on the best way for us to meet and talk with you I am keen to hear from you

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